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Interviewing Realtors

Interviewing real estate agents is one of the most important steps you can take.

Confident realtors will always welcome an initial interview.

ParadiseTeam knows we can earn your business and trust – call us for an interview today!


Working With ParadiseTeam

As your seller’s agent, our services go far beyond putting a sign in the yard and processing paper work. ParadiseTeam and her team make a significant investment in the homes they sell. Prior to placing a home on the market, we work with you to:

Optimize the presentation of your home Analyze your target market Share a marketing plan Assess the market value Prepare customized marketing materials Provide staging consultations Schedule professional photography

Once listed, ParadiseTeam implements strategies and negotiates your offer and contract, managing every transaction through closing.

Staging Sells Homes!

We believe staging and de-cluttering are important steps to take in selling your home. We also have the resources to help you! We have designers and over 6,000 square feet of storage filled with furniture to help meet your staging needs.

We understand that people really live in their homes, and moving itself is chaotic! We can help bring structzre and order that shows your home in its best light.

Empty rooms visually appear smaller. Simple, clean furniture with a few accessories help buyers grasp how large rooms really are.
To the other extreme, rooms crowded with oversized furniture and too many accessories can overwhelm buyers and keep them from envisioning themselves in a home. Most properties benefit from professional staging assistance on either end of the spectrum

247 Volusia Was Listed For 183 Days Prior To Staging. After Staging, The Home Went Under Contract Within 17 Days.

ParadiseTeam ParadiseTeam

Professional Photography

Most buyers see your home for the first time in photographs, so they need to be magazine quality. Lots of bright, well composed photographs, aerials when helpful, and video virtual tours attract buyers and highlight your home’s best features.

Your home’s best qualities are lost in poor photographs.



Following the right steps will help your home sell faster and for the best price.


The Selling Process

Working with our team means you are working with several specialized team members. Please see below some of our clients feedback.

By Kristin and Robert A.

My husband and I initially had ParadiseTeam over for an interview to access our home and she asked why we wanted to wait until March. She explained that we were in a prime time to sell now and if we waited until March, she couldn’t say if it would be the same opportunity... so we decided to move forward and sell...

from start to finish it was 1-day shy of 7 weeks! We never thought that our home would sell that fast and we never imagined that we would have such an amazing experience in selling our home! Jill and her entire team, from Jason (handyman), to Brenda, to Lisa, to Kathryn, to Kevin/Jeremiah (movers) and back to ParadiseTeam at closing we had the best home selling experience EVER!!! THANK YOU ParadiseTeam


By David B.

ParadiseTeam provided easy access to the resources necessary to get our house ready for going on the market. This was incredibly valuable as we were in the process of moving to the West Coast on very short notice and were overwhelmed with working out all of the logistics. Having help getting the house ready to show was instrumental to getting the house sold quickly.